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“Noone mourns the wicked.”


Saw this the other night at the Pantages in Hollywood. It’s essentially a prequel to The Wizard Of Oz, giving us the background story leading up to Dorothy’s house landing in Munchkinland. The plot revolves around the childhood of the woman we know as the Wicked Witch Of The West, offering an explanation as to why she became the way she was.

Loved it. Great material. Clever, smart, fun stuff, rich with social commentary, with a healthy dose playful surprises that pivot around ideas that are already so familiar to fans of the film. The entire piece is underscored by lessons of empathy that never lose relevance (“Don’t judge a book by its cover”, etc.) while also providing a source of inspiration to us social misfits (“Be comfortable with who you are regardless of what people think”, etc.)

I also really dug the branding. Fantastic logo, effective palette, killer merch.

Check it out if you can.

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