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Tribute to Claret

It’s M‘s birthday, so the other night I figured it was about time to finally edit down her scenes from the French television show she was on back in 1990.

Oh, wait, you didn’t know about that? SURPRISE!!! It’s something she’s never shared with even her closest friends.

True story:

One day while living in Paris, M went into a modeling job and accidentally wandered into the wrong office unit. Talk about timing. The place happened to be holding a casting call for an upcoming television show called Le mari de l’ambassadeur. (English translation: The ambassador’s husband.) The show would be similar in tone to American nighttime soaps like Dynasty or Knots Landing.

As extreme coincidence would have it, the producers that day were casting a character named Claret, a French-speaking American model. Mademoiselle Claret was the daughter of an American man scheduled to marry a French ambassador. Hence the title. A few words were exchanged, and they offered M the gig. Acting had never been a particular aspiration of hers, but what the hell. She accepted the offer for kicks.

The series pilot begins on the wedding day. Claret has flown to France at the last minute to attend the ceremony. Chaos, as they say, ensues.

Happy birthday, ites. It’s so fun getting older with you. <3

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