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Left-handed dynamics exercises

Drumming excellence requires a complete mastery of dynamics. We want a “round” sound coming out of our two sticks, with each stick producing an identical tone and volume from the drum or pad. (Without sounding lopsided.)

Yet even the most experienced drummers, no matter how many years they’ve been playing, will confess to suffering a relative weakness in their L hand. (Or vice versa for lefties.) It’s almost a habit thing; after playing the backbeat on 2 and 4 for so long, we tend to rely on psychological “pit stops”, playing the L harder than the R on any given pattern. When called to play a pattern *softly* with the L hand (producing a sound identical to that of the R), the weakness becomes evident, and even frustrating.

My buddy shared a couple great exercises the other day, focusing on and “ironing out” this inherent weakness. Aim to make your Ls sound *exactly* like your Rs, so that a listener can’t tell the difference between the two.

jon mattox left handed drum rudiment dynamics

jon mattox left handed drum rudiment dynamics

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