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San Pedro hang with Aram

Aram met me in Pedro yesterday for a few hours. We toured around the grounds Fort MacArthur, where much of Under Angels takes place. On his request, we also walked down to the cliffs beyond the Point Fermin lighthouse. Where Pete jumped.

battery farley aram ohanian

↓ Schooling up in the Fort Mac museum, reading the 1978 newspaper article about the real-life WWII Fort Mac tunnels:

battery farley aram ohanian

There was a particular moment in the day fell somewhere between serendipitous and paranormal. We had to laugh it off. After hiking across the upper Fort Mac reservation to the location of the real-life sinkhole that inspired the tale, a HUGE OWL flew away, apparently disturbed by our unexpected arrival. I’d never seen an owl down there, let alone in the middle of the day. There are no coincidences.

For those not familiar with the Under Angels story, the owl is a recurring motif. First, there’s THE OWL OF GOLD cipher; second, there’s an actual owl lurking just beneath the surface of the sinkhole after Pete, Shadow, and Mag descend.

PSSSST: In certain cultures, the owl is revered as being the guardian of the afterlife.

↓ Also had to drop by Harold’s Place, the real-life location of the earthquake that sets things in motion in Act Two. WHERE IS THE DOG???

battery farley aram ohanian

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