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Vive barking at the Hollywood Bowl

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I realize this is pretty uneventful. What you don’t see is the first thirty seconds of it. Weird.

Vive and I had been hanging out at the top lot above the Bowl for a good hour or so before heading back to the house. As we got a few hundred yards away from the top of our hill, he pulled, disturbed by something that was apparently behind us, back at our spot. Something that wasn’t bothering him before. Could’ve been anything, I suppose. But it’s not normal for him to bark like that.

Got better. On the way back, ALL the way back, he was constantly turning around to look behind us. Not to look at the hill, mind you; he was doing this all the way down to Highland. It was as if he was turning and looking at somebody who was about fifty feet behind us, following. Of course, there was nobody there.

It’ll probably all come out some day in a story.

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