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Under Angels book signing in San Pedro – TOMORROW

Hey, Los Angeles and surrounding areas! I’ll be in San Pedro tomorrow, Saturday, June 9, from 4-6PM doing the first Under Angels book signing. Word has it my mom won’t be making it, so it’d be really cool if you could. I don’t wanna be sitting there all by my lonesome.


Take the 110 freeway south until it ends in San Pedro, and find your way down to the edge of the earth at the Paseo del Mar bluffs. The gig’ll be at one of San Pedro’s secret gems, the Corner Store, located just meters away from where the Under Angels story takes place.

We’ll have shiny new paperback copies of the Under Angels novel, and some special wearable gifts for the old men in your life. You do realize it’s Father’s Day the weekend after that, right? The book’s also got some limited-edition artwork not included in the Kindle edition. Weighing in at about 300 pages and intentionally trimmed at a golden 5×8, the book’s perfectly sized for throwing on your nightstand, shoving in your purse, cleaning your herbs, etc.

For those who’d rather jump into the tale right now, the Under Angels paperback edition is now available here, and the Kindle version is here. You can also pick up a paperback at the oldest bookstore in Los Angeles, Williams’ Book Store on Sixth Street in San Pedro, as well as the Fort MacArthur museum gift shop. Tell them Greamer sent you.

While you’re at it, check out what readers are saying, and like Under Angels on Facebook to stay in the loop.

Under Angels book trailer:

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While you’re in town, you’ll also be able to get a glimpse of the USS Iowa battleship as she settles into her new digs in the LA Harbor. How’s a battleship connected to Under Angels, you may be wondering? From the Under Angels Prologue:


AFTER THE BOMBING OF PEARL HARBOR in 1941, the threat of a Pacific coastal attack on the United States was real. To prepare for such an attack, the United States designed plans to construct a complex maze of underground tunnels below the city of Los Angeles at Fort MacArthur to sustain critical defenses at the country’s largest port.

When the war was over in 1945, all entrances to the tunnels were permanently sealed shut. The perimeter above these entrances remained occupied by the United States Army for decades. With time, the truth about the Los Angeles underground World War II tunnels gradually faded from public memory, and the line between fact and urban legend became blurred.

In 1974, the property above the old Fort MacArthur tunnel entrances was declared surplus land by the United States government. The land was deeded to the City of Los Angeles through the Federal Land to Parks Program.

Eyewitnesses still report sightings of an unidentified man and his dog roaming the area.

Need more? Get in there now.

See you tomorrow in Pedro!

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