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Interior Desecrations: Horrible Homes from the Brass Age of American Design

M and I are in the middle of an endless jaunt backward down Memory Lane, paying particular attention to the depressing seventies. There are a few questions about the era that have been raised:

  • What was the story with all the depressing television theme songs in the seventies? Was it a conspiracy theory?
  • What was up with all the hanging ferns?
  • Did one lady make all those wall-hanging macramé owls?
  • Who framed all those butterflies?

Behold, James Lileks has explored this topic in his book and website called Interior Desecrations. Check it out. You will howl.

The seventies marked a complete and utter collapse of taste. Everyone knew someone whose mom was into this crap, and stuffed the house with homemade bric-a-brac that just looked stupid and weird. Owls were often involved. Owls made out of pipe cleaners and elbow macaroni. Brace yourself; here we go.


For more of this stuff than you can shake a avocado green rotary telephone at, click here.

(Thx, Vic.)

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