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Jace Douglas

jace douglas batten

My friend Karen and her husband Nathan just celebrated the birth of their baby boy on July 31st, dubbing him Jace Douglas Batten. Another Jace D! (He gets Douglas from his grandfather via his old man.)

Karen’s been planning to use the name since before the little guy was even conceived, and dropped me a note overnight:

Just wanted to say thank you for not ruining the name “Jace” for me.

For a little over three years, Jace has been among my favorite names. It’s unique, but not too “out there.” It’s full of possibility and easily able to fit lots of different personality types. I love that it’s ace with a J, and I like that it rhymes with ace. It’s cool. And, until fairly recently, I hadn’t actually known anyone with the name.

If you have any advice, words of wisdom, or Jace stories to pass along, we’d love to hear them. But mainly, just wanted to let you know your name rocks even after “meeting” you. And there is now another awesome Jace in the world. (And of course, since his birth only four days ago, we have now heard of four more Jaces!)

Thanks, Karen. And welcome, Jace! Big congrats to your mom and dad. I trust you’ll use your name well.

I spent the first half of my life never meeting another Jace. I can remember occasionally flipping through name meaning books to find my name and feeling denied. Could never find my name on those home ice cream cones either. And you know those name-donning key chains, mugs, and miniature vanity license plates you find in gift shops? Forget about it. It wasn’t until later in life that I appreciated having a name nobody else had.

Historically speaking, the name Jace wasn’t even on the radar until after I was born. Here’s a chart that shows its rise in popularity over the past thirtysomething years:

jace baby name

For a look at the personal characteristics some believe the name Jace carries, check this out.

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