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Happy birthday, PAC-MAN!

pacman google game 30th birthday

Totally rad! To celebrate the 30th birthday of the ’80s arcade masterpiece, Google’s outdone themselves today and posted their first-ever playable Google logo. Those who thought the logo was cute this morning may not have realized that you can actually play the game on the Google homepage using the arrows on your keyboard. Try it!

From the Official Google Blog:

PAC-MAN seems like a natural fit for the Google homepage. They’re both deceptively straightforward, carefully hiding their complexity under the hood. There’s a light-hearted, human touch to both of them. And we can only hope you find using Google at least a quarter as enjoyable as eating dots and chasing ghosts. You know, without actually needing any quarters.

That is one hell of a win, kids. Bravo.

UPDATE: Hit Insert Coin twice for two-player!

UPDATE 05.26.2010: While Google’s taken the game offline, they’ve allowed us to download the source code and host it on our own sites. Play it here.

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