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Just in from my sister Heather:

heather wedding 4:07

There is a story to this:

My mom has always told me that when I was born, she sat up immediately and looked the clock and said, “It’s 4:07, its 4:07, its 4:07!” It was always just a funny story until the day of the wedding.

My brother Jace is very sentimental and loves things to do with time or ages. Oh, and he loves his iPhone 😉 So when he knew Sabo was about to announce us as husband and wife, Jace looked at the time. As you can see here, it was 4:07. As my mom put it in her beautiful speech, God brought me into their lives at 4:07, and at 4:07 they gave me away.

I couldn’t have written a better story myself. God has blessed me over and over. I am so thankful to be alive.

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