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What type are you?

Here’s a quick psychological test that I’ve been discussing with people these past few days. It’s awesomely accurate, and gets even more fascinating as people close to you do it.

You’ll first answer four simple yes/no personality questions about yourself. It will then tell you, with visuals, which typeface (font) shares your traits. It’s a fascinating exercise, especially if you love typography and have studied its psychological aspects.

Try it yourself! (password: character)

I’m New Alphabet:

Rational, Assertive, Progressive, Disciplined

With no curves of any kind, New Alphabet is an uncompromising Dutch font designed by Crouwel in 1967. Based on early computer screens, it is strictly limited to horizontal and vertical strokes, and is exceptionally striking while being almost totally illegible.

If you are a statement maker, and if when that statement makes sense to you it is immaterial if it makes sense to anyone else, then New Alphabet is your type.

new alphabet by crouwel

What’s striking — pun intended — to me is that this typeface shares lots of the qualities of the ambigram I designed a few years ago.

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