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Watchers plus one

ON HIS THIRTY-SIXTH birthday, May 18, Travis Cornell rose at five o’clock in the morning. Watchers

watchers dean koontzIn a sort of lucid deja vu, I woke up early this morning with the above line in my head. It’s the first sentence in Watchers, a novel by Dean Koontz that I read and wrote about last summer. Yesterday was May 18, and it seems my subconscious hasn’t forgotten this extraordinary tale of three souls that find each other.

While I’m thinking about it, I might as well throw the recommendation out there. If you’re looking for a good summer read, this is the one. Right now would be the perfect time for you to crack it, as you’ll be doing so in a parallel chronology with the story itself. If you read it in real time, it’ll take you through the Fall and into the climax at Christmas. And trust me, it’s one of the most triumphant and satisfying payoffs you’ll ever read.

Check it out. If you don’t love it, I’ll pay for the book.

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