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Video Confessional Jams: Episode 42

Below is a still photo of the unfortunate one. (Warning: its graphic nature may be disturbing to sensitive viewers):

dead squirrel

I’m no forensic expert, so I’m not exactly sure when this one met its demise. I don’t remember seeing this guy on the lawn yesterday when I was watering, so I suspect he either met the grim reaper last night, or has perhaps been buried for days. Dogs will do that. They’ll make a kill, bury it, and then unearth it later as an offering to their master. Can’t say I’m not honored. Which reminded me…

…a week or two ago, I was in bed when I heard both dogs going off. Accompanying their barks was the chirping sound of another animal. It wasn’t pretty. But I was honestly too tired to go out and have a look, and it’s really not that unusual to hear the dogs barking at night since, after all, it’s pretty much Wild Kingdom out there. A day or two later I noticed one of the tiki torches — originally positioned against the back ivy-covered wall — completely dismantled with its three parts scattered across the back yard. The stem was in the corner, the oil can was twenty feet from that, and the top of it was in the middle of the lawn. I figured a squirrel must’ve made it to the lawn, met the two monsters, and tried to GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE by way of the back fence. From what I’m guessing, he crawled up the torch, got halfway up, and BAM. It was over in seconds. I forgot to mention, THERE WAS BLOOD ON THE TORCH.

Dogs (read: Vive): 2, Squirrels: 0

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