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A message for Microsoft Internet Explorer users

Hey, friends,

I accidentally just launched a should-be-forgotten-by-now browser on a Windows machine called Microsoft Internet Explorer, which reminded me that this dinosaur hasn’t been permanently removed from the planet yet.

Two things:

1. For Windows users who use Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE), I must first apologize. It appears that during this site’s redesign a few months ago, I neglected to test a couple layout things on MSIE. Due to the fact that this doomed browser is totally stupid, MSIE users may have noticed that the right edge of the window has been getting clipped off. Ooops. I’ve fixed it with a little hacking.

2. Windows browsers don’t have to suck like this. If you’ve been using MSIE by default, you’re way overdue do yourself a favor, pop the red pill, and go get Firefox. You’ll be glad you did.

This world needs a mass exodus from Microsoft Internet Explorer yesterday. It will not only make everyone’s browsing experience smoother, it’ll also ensure that Web sites will be seen the way they were intended to be seen. Web designers are gradually caring less and less about the way things look in MSIE, and there will soon come a day when MSIE will be completely ignored, becoming about as much a design consideration as the 28.8 kilobaud modem.

Come on. Let’s go.

no msie

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