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Christmas typeface

Dating back to the pre-computer days before we called them fonts, the typeface below comes from an old classic 1929 typography book called ‘Pen and Brush: Lettering and Practical Alphabets’. The typeface is called ‘Christmas’, and falls under the ‘Unusual Styles’ section. Kinda gives you that merry feeling, doesn’t it?

Christmas typeface

From the book’s introduction:

In modern practice, lettering has become part of a power of publicity and propaganda. So much depends on lettering to convey the meaning, the emotion, or even the atmosphere that it has become a work which at all times calls for thought, skill, and originality.

Lettering is like the voice of the elocutionist. It can portray joy and melancholia, it can shout or whisper, it can be loud and blatant or soft and refined. It can strike a note of urgency or of restraint; and these are the qualities which the modern advertiser and user of lettering wishes to employ.

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