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Dear Santa, Part I

Dear Santa,

I just snuck on to my dad’s computer when he wasn’t looking. Listen, I know it’s a little early, but my sister and I thought we’d give you a head start on our Christmas wish list this year. Call me naughty, but I’m really just trying to make your work easier. That’s nice, no?

We both probably need new collars, especially Kona. Hers still smells kinda skunky from that little incident a few weeks ago. Throw in a few bags of Beggin’ Strips too. Any flavor’ll work. Also, if you could be a dove and score us some of those tasty lamb ankle bones from the meat shop up the street. That’d be super. And send another canine friend or two to hang out with us in the backyard.

But more than anything, we’d like this.

Say hi to Rudolph for us.


Vive and Kona

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