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Li’l gunner

vivor fort macarthur

At Fort MacArthur, here in our neighborhood in San Pedro, near the Los Angeles Harbor. Vive’s in his zone more than you probably know.

At the far right of this photo is a dog cemetery dating back to the early part of the 20th century, which, I’m happy to say, is being restored with a cool new stone wall, an iron gate, and headstones. Buried on those grounds behind the fort’s chapel are dozens of four-legged soldiers from the United States Army’s K-9 Command Program that gave their services, and subsequently their lives, to the free world. When international conflict started heating up in World War II, the K-9 Command Program upped the ante on what was asked of dogs, and, among other things, trained them to kill men in combat. When the war was over, the dogs were not deemed safe to return to civilian life, and were put down.

Lots of ghosts running free around here. I’ll write about it in detail some day. Much detail. 😉

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