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four perfect circles illusion

This busts my heart. Jan Hooks, the leading lady in my favorite team of SNL players, has died at 57. Way too damn young.

Here she is with Dana, Phil, and a few others from the early-nineties gang in my favorite SNL skit of all time, “Antonio Mendoza”.

film noir

Geoffrey Holder, the hearty laugh of 7UP, has died at 84.

I’ve had a steady supply of 7UP in my fridge since the eighties, and will never even touch Sprite. I even bought a 7UP golf bag on eBay in the nineties. In hindsight, my lifelong allegiance to the 7UP brand probably has lots to do with this guy.

RELATED: I’ve gotta cut the 7UP out of the diet next year as much as possible. Soda is bad times, caffeine-free or not.

alfred hitch

(Via Screen Craft)