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difference between england and great britain and ireland and crown dependencies and united kingdom

(via Grammar Girl)

shakespeare insults

One of the “new” zones, aired April 8, 1989. Served as the inspiration for The Truman Show (1998).

rainbow from NASA

Most rainbows are seen from the ground, indicating they’re shapeed like an arch. But from the air, you can see that they actually full circles.

(via NASA)

thriftys ice cream scoops

The good old days. I never understood the point of buying a double when you could just double-fist two singles for the same price.

four perfect circles illusion

This busts my heart. Jan Hooks, the leading lady in my favorite team of SNL players, has died at 57. Way too damn young.

Here she is with Dana, Phil, and a few others from the early-nineties gang in my favorite SNL skit of all time, “Antonio Mendoza”.

film noir