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For those in a hurry and actually acknowledge that Episodes I-III exist, here are all six films superimposed over each other.

What does Siri really sound like? Susan Bennett, the original voice behind Siri, explains voice acting in 4 voices. Get ready to hear Siri like you’ve never heard her before.

Dick Van Patten has died. Here’s a mashup of all the theme songs from Eight is Enough.

kailua-kona sunset

Taken from the Kona Inn, June 13, 2015, Kailua-Kona, HI

Season 5, Episode 2, aired September 22, 1965. A friend’s success at being a novelist galvanizes Rob into writing his own book – if he can.

The most epically potent crash course in superhuman badassiness starts at 7:45. Complete and demonstrable command over four-way coordination. I don’t know if I should be depressed or just laugh.

The legendary drum battle on the Sammy Davis Show, 1966.