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Billy Crystal remembers Robin Williams at the 2014 Emmys.

Coronet Instructional Films
Director: Ted Peshak
Cameraman: Dale Sharkey
Writers: George Tychsen Bradford
Editor: Dick Kirschner
Narrator: George Stone

A company in Seattle just built this theater in somebody’s house.

star wars

star wars

star wars

star wars

star wars

↑ Notice the automatic pocket doors leading to the theater!

Anybody coming out for the 50th anniversary this weekend? We’ll be there tonight.

Here’s a collection of unique world maps that look at geography/population in ways you’ve never seen them before. Includes a map of what the US would look like today if if every attempt to secede from the union had been successful, a map of the planet with the south pole at the top (there’s no up or down in space!), and even a map that examines how much area would be occupied up if the entire world population lived in a single location with the density of a given city.

Here’s one that animates the history of the United States over time:

history of us animated

(See all at ebaumsworld.)

And if you’re too young to get it, the bucket scene from Carrie (1976):

What the hell?

monomyth vogler hero's journey writer's journey

Lots more info here.