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The Magic Bank Account

My old man just sent me this.

Imagine you’ve won a contest. Your prize is as follows:

Each morning, $86,400.00 will be deposited into a private bank account. You will be given access to this account, and are allowed to spend the money at will.

But there are some conditions:

1. The money you don’t spend will be deleted from the account at the end of the day. You may not transfer money into any other account. $86,400.00 is all you get.

2. You can be locked out of the account without warning. Once that happens, you are entitled to no more funds.

What would you do?

Most would spend each day buying as much as they possibly could. Not only for themselves, but for their loved ones. Many would even spend it on people they don’t even know, and donate the money to worthy causes.

Enough with the metaphor. The real point:

There are 86,400 nontransferable seconds in a day. Tomorrow’s per diem is only theoretical. No guarantees.

Start spending.

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