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Evidence of a planet that used to be in our solar system

Scientists now think they’ve found evidence of Theia, a Mars-sized planet that collided with Earth and made our moon.


This totally taps into something that’s always seemed obvious to me:

The main problem with the idea of extraterrestrial flesh-and-blood beings visiting Earth is a matter of physics. Lots of us wouldn’t be surprised if they’re out there, but most would agree that traveling all the way over here from other solar systems would be both impossible and impractical.


Is it not possible that — in ancient history — there were other populated neighboring planets in our *own* solar system that no longer exist today? That immediately removes the distance factor from the equation.

While this is an idea that occurred to me with no outside influence, it’s apparently nothing others haven’t also thought of. Astronomy nerds call it the giant impact hypothesis, or Big Splash.

(via geekosystem)

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