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Slayer: Reign in Blood (full album 8-bit cover!)

In memory of Jeff Hanneman, founding member and guitarist for thrash metal legends Slayer, a fan has uploaded a version of the band’s seminal Reign in Blood album recorded in 8-bit form.

The 8-bit version of Reign in Blood was created by YouTube user Potatobombs1 (self-described as “a nerdy metal-head who has no life”), who has previously crafted 8-bit versions of other classic heavy metal albums from Iron Maiden (Number of the Beast), Metallica (Master of Puppets) and Megadeth (Countdown to Extinction), among others.

Track Listing:

Angel of Death: 0:00
Piece by Piece: 4:45
Necrophobic: 6:46
Alter of Sacrifice: 8:24
Jesus Saves: 11:28
Criminally Insane: 14:21
Reborn: 16:40
Epidemic: 18:47
Postmortem: 21:03
Raining Blood: 24:22
Bonus track: Aggressive Perfector: 28:12

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