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Sheer ridiculousness

Hard to believe this is actually happening right now, today, in 2013. We haven’t seen propaganda of this magnitude since, what, ’44 or ’45? It’s simultaneously hilarious and disturbing.

From Huffington Post:

North Korea’s latest piece of video propaganda gives a small window into the reclusive dictatorship and, as always, raises some eyebrows with its sheer ridiculousness.

Set to some kind of deafening anthem, the propaganda video is full of overly enthusiastic people cheering, clapping and (for some reason) riding water slides. The clip also features exploding newspaper headlines and random planes blowing things up.

But there’s a serious message behind all the flash and pomp. As The Washington Post’s Max Fisher points out, the song’s lyrics are promoting Pyongyang’s new domestic policy, known as “Byongjin,” which refers to side-by-side development of the military and the economy.

Check out the full story here.

JUST THROWING IT OUT THERE: Remember the Twilight Zone episode (and other similar stories) that toyed with the fantasy of traveling back in time to kill Adolf Hitler (or John Wilkes Booth) before his intentions could be fully realized? We should do that with this motherfucker right now. No time machine needed.

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