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Under Angels beater fresh off the press

“Cutoff military fatigue pants and a beer-stained ribbed tank top clung to Pete’s skin by a clammy musk.” — Chapter One

New Under Angels wife beaters are done. Unlike the earlier heat-transfer prototypes, these were done with a one-color screen. The first one off the line:

under angels wife beater your suicide has been denied

The artwork’s size was a decision I had to make on the spot. I could’ve gone bigger, but I personally like smaller prints, particularly on the front of a shirt. It’s a trend today to make prints ridiculously huge (think Affliction and Ed Hardy, with the print literally wrapping around the clavicle to the shoulder blades). My theory is that people are going big on prints today for no other reason than they can. Yeah, these mutant-sized prints may be popular today, but acid-washed jeans were popular in their day too. I’ve erred on the side of 20th-century classic, which is the whole essence of the beater anyway. HEY, STELLA!!!

Also, the smaller size allows for the URL to be seen through a half-open shirt, a jacket, or some pigtails.

↓ With my newest boy Robert. Just printed 144 Under Angels beaters in under two hours. He’s a drummer; studied at Berklee.

under angels wife beater your suicide has been denied

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