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Creative Copy Challenge #113

Creative Copy Challenge is website that offers the creative community a quick way to crush writers block and unleash our muses by creating a story that contains ten random words or phrases. I’ve participated in a handful of these exercises, which you can check out here.

A couple days ago while sitting at a table at Harrah’s, I got a Twitter IM from the website’s creator Shane Arthur asking me if I’d be interested in choosing the ten words for the next Creative Copy Challenge #113, scheduled to go live today.

Of course I would! Drum roll, please:

1. Under
2. Angels
3. Code
4. Tunnels
5. Incognito
6. Quota
7. Dog
8. War
9. Wife
10. Puzzle

I’ll be having some fun watching these come in all day before posting mine. Meanwhile, feel free to get in there!

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