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A day at Universal Studios

Spent a full day at Universal Studios on Tuesday with M’s brother Mark and his 10-year-old son Ian. I hadn’t been there since the JAWS exhibit was brand-new in the seventies.

We just handed Ian the map and put him on point. After kicking the day off with the classically mandatory back lot tour that now features the King Kong 3-D experience, Ian took us to: the Simpsons Ride, lunch, the Animal Actors Show, the Special FX show, Jurassic River Adventure, The Mummy roller coaster, Shrek 4-D, Terminator 2 in 3-D, an Irish pub, The House of Horrors, and dinner at that barbecue joint down from the amphitheater. (Excellent baby back ribs FYI.)

A couple of many shots to remember the day by:

milena universal studios

ian markie milena

*I know, I know. But, no, that is neither Tim Robbins nor Larry Wachowski. It’s Markie.

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