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Go Dads!

The old men in my life.

Pop, 1962:

pop punahou honolulu star bulletin

Grampa Cecil Albao, mid-seventies, Knott’s Berry Farm:


Grandpa Gil Freeman, early-eighties, Kauai:

gilbert chase freeman

My maternal great-grandfather, Ernest W. Freeman. Mom’s dad’s dad. New York, early twentieth century:

maternal great-grandfather ernest w. freeman

My maternal great-grandfather Joseph C. Spaulding. Mom’s mom’s dad. Early twentieth century, New York:

great-grandfather joseph c. spaulding

Here’s also a shot of my great-grandfather Cipriano Albao in 1936. Dad’s dad’s dad. The dude in the center. And lastly, for now, my great-great-grandfather Alba (not Albao; just a coincidence), from 1926. Dad’s dad’s mom’s dad. I still need to find out his first name.

Cheers, guys.

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