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rockabyeRenowned blogger and fellow six-word memoirist Rebecca Woolf has her new book hitting the shelves today. It’s called Rockabye: From Wild to Child. Rebecca’s a killer writer with a distinctive voice, and I’m confident the book’s gonna touch a lot of people from all parts of the spectrum. Buy it, read it, enjoy it.

Being somewhat in the loop with the SMITH community, I’ve been looking forward to this one and just dropped by Rebecca’s blog to see how the the vibe was over there. She had a recent post memorializing her late Nana, who was the third and final wife of John Lloyd Wright. John Lloyd Wright invented Lincoln Logs, and was the son of the legendary Frank Lloyd Wright. Now, I don’t know about you, but I think THAT IS PRETTY FUCKING COOL. Big fan. Much love and respect. I put master Frank up there with my Rod Serling, my M.C. Escher, and my Dimebag Darrell; I put Lincoln logs up there with my Legos, my Hot Wheels, and my Slime.

I also think it’s kinda cool to be sharing the Storytelling section of our book’s index with Rebecca, and Elizabeth Gilbert for that matter. I suppose one could call it my brush with greatness, if you will. Well, you know. Except for this guy.

A Rockabye review in Zink:

Rockabye by Rebecca Woolf

And while I’m at it, another book on my Must Read list:

Puppy Chow is Better than Prozac by Bruce Goldstein

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