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A mixed-breed dog in Iraq, unthinkably abused by the Iraqis with injuries that included intentionally severed ears and screwdriver puncture wounds, found a most unlikely friend in what was supposed to be his enemy. Back in October, United States Marine Maj. Brian Dennis began noticing a war-torn dog in the desert near the Syria border, following his squadron’s patrol. This continued for weeks. One cold day in December, the dog, sporting fresh wounds and near death, finally made contact with Dennis, who was “dumbfounded” by the savageness displayed in the pup’s injuries. Like any decent dude, Dennis concocted a battlefield dressing of Neosporin, applied it to the mutt’s wounds, and then received orders to shove out. He complied, leaving the dog behind. To his surprise, the dog he dubbed “Nubs” followed him SEVENTY MILES THROUGH THE DESERT IN SUB-FREEZING TEMPERATURES.

What happened next was, well, have a look at the video.

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