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My brother Luke back east just took a couple pix of a project he did in his living room. Starting with a posterized image of Billie Holiday, he threw a grid of .5″ squares on it for reference. Then he threw a 2″ grid on his wall, and handjobbed the thing with paint at 400%. Nice job, kid! Don’t get cocky.



There’s an obvious shadowbox vibe opportunity there just screaming to be taken advantage of. I’d like to see some halogen bulbs thrown behind the couch, pointing up, with the rest of the lights off. It’d create a blue glow in the room.

I’ve always loved this photo of her. They’ve got a copy hanging behind the bar at Lucille’s. In a single image, it visually captures the collision of pain and triumph associated with the mid-century jazz era in general, and Billie’s story in particular. A beautiful shot.

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