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More Confusing Words

Inspired by Schott’s List of Often-Confused Words, the folks over at ProofreadNOW put together their own list with help from their readers:

  • The British say ALUMINIUM (5 syllables and an extra I)…and Americans say ALUMINUM (4 syllables).
  • My blade is dull, therefore I will HONE it…and then HOME in on the target.
  • INDIRECT lighting will enhance this room…but it could be IN DIRECT conflict with the building code.
  • Sassafras IMPLIED that I would not be invited…so I INFERRED from Sassafras’s remarks that I would be watching TV alone.
  • I want to be HEALTHY…so I am on a HEALTHFUL diet.
  • I will LEND you money…and you will call it a LOAN.
  • We take pride in how we SERVE our customers…and also in how we SERVICE their equipment.
  • We fix mistakes EVERY DAY…fixing mistakes is an EVERYDAY activity here.
  • There are FEWER cars on I-95 now…so there is LESS work for the toll takers.
  • You are a genius, I.E., you are unusually gifted….she, on the other hand, is a dimwit who cares for only a few things, E.G., boys, fast cars, and cheeseburgers.
  • When you earn more THAN Matilda…THEN you can brag to the entire world.
  • EX-president Bill Clinton…met with FORMER president Jimmy Carter to compare accents.
  • Mortimer seemed INDIFFERENT to the offer…so Mack put it IN DIFFERENT words and asked to go over it again.
  • MORE IMPORTANT, we need to win the election…so that this issue can be treated MORE IMPORTANTLY than it has been.
  • Because you RAISE such a good question…we will RISE to the occasion and provide an accurate answer.
  • BRING the report when you come to see me…and TAKE the dirty laundry when you leave my office.
  • I feel BAD about the accident…because he was hurt BADLY in it.
  • You must wait for A WHILE…and I will wait AWHILE too…but I saw John A WHILE back.
  • I am AVERSE to the idea…of you sailing in such ADVERSE weather conditions.
  • The speaker had many COMPLIMENTARY things to say about your book…of which I got a COMPLIMENTARY copy…now I look forward to bringing my COMPLEMENTARY skills to your office staff.
  • The arrival of the EMINENT politician…was IMMINENT, so we did not leave the bus station.
  • He was BORN in India…and when he was five, he was BORNE by an elephant in a parade.
  • He drank the rich BOUILLON…as he greedily stacked the newly stolen BULLION.
  • Okay, I will BROACH the subject…how much will you take for that gorgeous BROOCH you’re wearing?
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