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Transformer Award

So last night was our 20-year reunion. It was about as trippy as you’d imagine. While some key people were missing (Hairball, where are you???), it was quite the entertaining dose of blasts from the pasts. From kindergarten buddies to the third-grade girlfriend to kids from the old neighborhood to the junior high hack circle dudes to a bunch of us from Calise’s Humanities class senior year to about half of us from the regular station wagon lunch crew. A load of pics are sitting on the camera waiting to be pulled off. (*Update*: here they are.)

Much of the evening’s a blur, with various memories scattered around my mind in far from organized fashion. One such memory consists of me being yanked out of my seat to walk up on stage to accept this:

San Pedro High School Class of 1987 Transformer Award 20 Year Reunion 2007

Outside of discarding the Marty McFly haircut, I honestly don’t see much of a transformation. But hey, an award’s an award.

before and after

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