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Bodybuilder James’ two favorite sounds

Me: “What’s your favorite sound?”

Bodybuilder James: “There are two. But I can’t spell ’em.”

Me: “Try anyway.”

Bodybuilder James: “Well, the first one is the sound your fishing reel makes when it whizzes. WWWZZZZZZZZZZZT.”

Me: “I like that one too.”

Bodybuilder James: “The second one is that if you know when you’re holding a piece of aluminum siding, and you kinda shake it, and it makes that sound that aluminum siding makes when you shake it?”

Me: “I do, actually. Yes.”

Bodybuilder James: “And if you got rhythm, you can make it do cool stuff?”

Me: “Totally.”

Bodybuilder James: “That’s one of my favorite sounds too. But there are hundreds of others. So many to choose from.”

Me: “I know what you mean.”

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