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GoDaddy.com hooking me up

I’ve been completely satisfied with GoDaddy.com for a few years now, as both a registrar and a hosting solution. While other hosting companies have since followed suit, GoDaddy.com was the first to offer full DNS control in their admin tool. It’s what sold me at the time.

As a valued customer, I just happened to open up one of GoDaddy.com’s weekly e-newsletters:

Dear Jace,

Looking for a little bit more out of your hosting plan? How does this sound? 100% MORE Disk Space! 100% MORE Bandwidth! And you don’t pay a penny more!

Now you can enjoy MORE with your hosting plan. MORE Disk Space and MORE Bandwidth. We’ve just improved your Deluxe Hosting plan making it MORE powerful than ever:

•Increased Disk Space from 50GB to 100GB
•Increased Bandwidth from 500GB to 1,000GB

The best part about this great announcement is that you don’t have to do a thing! It’s all automatic. It won’t cost you a cent more. There are no service interruptions and the update is already available.

Thanks as always for being a Go Daddy® customer.

100 gigabytes of storage. Unbelievable. I can’t help but think back to 1990 when I spent about $1400 on a Mac Classic, which sported two megs of RAM and a 40 megabyte internal hard drive. Internal, mind you. That was cutting-edge stuff at the time. Then I spent another $60 to max the little monster up to a whopping 4 megs of RAM.

For perspective, I just did some math. With my newly upgraded GoDaddy account, I could conceivably fill up my old Mac Classic’s hard drive TWO AND A HALF MILLION TIMES (2,500,000) and store it on my GoDaddy account for no additional charge.

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