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Vive Catches His First Frisbee!!!

It’s actually called a Dogobie.

The little man did it. About a week ago we picked up a Dogobie at the supermarket, which is a cool bendy/chewy thing made by Aerobie. Distance is no problem with this one. You can huck this thing a mile.

vivor catches dogobie

We’ve been taking the Dogobie for a spin regularly for about a week. There have been two or three times where Vive comes close, snapping out at it in mid-air, but never quite prevailing. Part of this is my fault, since no less than 99% of the gig is throwing it perfectly.

At about 6:41 P.M. PST today at our favorite hangout at Angels Gate, I flicked the Dogobie south southwest at just the right angle. It caught a little wind coming in from the ocean, got just enough air, and hung for just the right amount of time. Vive, chasing the thing as he always does, caught up to it in time to jump and catch it with all four off the ground. YOU GO MAN!!!

Kona looked on proudly.

Here’s what the Dogobie looked like a week ago:

vivor's dogobie

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