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Vive vs. The Flystick


You know those bright orange sticky flysticks that you hang from the ceiling? I had two in the backyard area, each hanging off the eaves of the house and garage.

The scene: I’m working in the garage, and the dogs are outside running around, entertaining themselves. The usual. A nice ocean breeze is blowing in from the south-southwest.

All of a sudden, I hear Vive squeal. I turn to see what’s going on, and he’s running around in a circle, attempting to escape a bright orange object that has grabbed on to his tail and won’t let go. The poor guy was horrified, running under the barbecue. A vain attempt at finding cover from the brightly colored assailant.

The wind had apparently blown the flystick off its hanging place on the garage’s eave, and he tried having his way with it there on the lawn. I only wish I had video footage of what I didn’t see. From the evidence, he must’ve gotten into quite the wrestling match with this thing. He had the sticky adhesive on his neck, up his chest and belly, all up the insides of his hind legs, and his tail was wrapped around it.

I immediatey started freaking out, as I wasn’t sure if the flystick was poisonous. The first thing I did was throw him into the bathtub and try shampooing it out. About four times. No avail.

I take him out to the yard to dry off, and I remember that we had a spare flystick in the cabinet. I run to grab it and read the label in order to have a closer look at the ingredients.

To my relief, the adhesive is not poisonous. It’s just glue, along with the maple syrup I added to the reservoir.

The instructions stated: To remove adhesive from hands, use paint thinner or any oil, like baby oil.

jaceI grab Vive, take his little sticky body back to the bathtub, and grab a bottle of baby oil. Applied generously, massaging it into the affected areas. It dawned on me that, at that precise moment, I must’ve been the only guy on the planet pulling flystick glue out of my dog’s ball hairs.

Who said life is boring?

Anyhow, the oil worked great. Keep that in mind. Got glue stuck in your dog’s fur? Grab the baby oil. Works like a charm.

*A word of caution: Use discretion when applying the oil. If you do it too good, the dog will like it enough to attack flysticks more often.

**As has been said before, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Take extra care when hanging your flysticks. Those u-shaped nails work nicely.

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  • pirco September 19, 2005, 5:45 pm

    funny. cause just TODAY my wife and i were talking about getting a fly stick… as she was swatting five of them in the kitchen.

    i mean, what are the chances?
    Us talking about a flystick and you actually dealing with one!

  • jaced September 19, 2005, 5:48 pm

    Don’t forget the u-shaped nail, brother. The u-shaped nail. :)

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