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Sad Statue

Sad Statue

One weeknight after work back in about 1995 I was at the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood. We were in the wake of the grunge movement. Second on the bill that night was an unknown local band with a peculiar name, called System Of A Down. Once they plugged in, I was bouncing off the walls. It was nothing quite like anything I’d ever heard. I remember thinking two things:

1. Nobody was enjoying this band as much as me.
2. This band has some pretty loud gear for a bunch of homeless dudes.

It’s been really cool to watch what has happened since then. I’d argue that 2001’s Toxicity is probably one of most classic records of all time; up there with Nevermind, Appetite For Destruction, and License To Ill.

I picked up SOAD’s Mezmerize a couple weeks ago. It’s not unusual for one particular song jump off an album and grab me, forcing me to listen to it over and over again. Almost against my will. In the case with Mezmerize, for me it’s been Sad Statue. Track #9.

Try it. The louder, the better. In the car. Solo style.

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